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Hi, I’m Kristina Ritchie, One Of Perth’s Most Trusted Psychics,
Reiki Healers, Spiritual Healers & Counsellors

Does this sound like you:

  • You’re having relationship difficulties at home or at work. You’re feeling stuck, and you don’t know how to get unstuck.

  • You’re in a career transition and you need some guidance about the best path forward for you.

  • You’re relocating to a new city and you’re needing some grounded support and guidance.

  • You're feeling uncertain about your current situation and you'd like some clarity and guidance to move forward with confidence.

Do you wish you could feel confident and clear in your direction and decisions?

If so, you’re in the right place!

Helping you get clear and confident is my superpower!

I use psychic readings and intuitive counselling to help my clients to navigate their way through confusion, doubt or low self-esteem,so they can find their way to greater happiness and wholeness.

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“Kristina my life has completely changed since my last reading with you. I have relocated to Melbourne. The house you told me about has just come onto the market and we are in negotiation as I write this. You are truly gifted and amazing!! Can I still have readings with you even though I am in Melbourne?” 

Stephanie, Brighton Victoria

“My first reading ever was with Kristina and I was quite nervous. She helped me to relax with breathing exercises. I was not happy in my job or in my relationship. In the past year I have changed my career to something I never dreamt I would do and I am enjoying single life.” 

—  Leonie, Dunsborough Western Australia

“I was pleasantly surprised with Kristina's reading and her energy work on me. Her vibration is calm, loving and caring which makes working with her very special. Kristina is very tuned in and shared her knowledge and understanding of what will help me on my journey. I spent an hour with Kristina and I left feeling light, loved, energetic and ready to take on my life in a new and vibrant way. Thank you Kristina.”

—  Angie P, Perth Western Australia

I came to see Kristina when my marriage was almost over. With her guidance, I was able to see that there was still hope and I am happy to say that we are still married. We are learning to love each other again and now have a greater understanding of why we have been brought together.

—  Karen, Forrestfield Western Australia

Hi, I’m Kristina

A Portrait of Kristina Ritchie, Founder Of Perth Psychic

I’ve had a strong connection to energy and the spirit world my whole life. Growing up on the northern beaches of Sydney, I was surrounded by nature, bushland, ocean beaches and harbour pools. I used to walk around in nature for hours, soaking up the beautiful energies of Sydney harbour and the sights and sounds of the native, untouched bushland around me. I developed a deep connection with nature and an intuitive ability to read energies.


My father left my family when I was five. Growing up in a split family in the sixties, in Sydney, was tough. My ability to immerse myself in nature was my lifeline to sanity. 


Later in life, it made sense to me to study Naturopathy and Natural Therapies. The breakup of my marriage was a very dark period in my life and it became the turning point that led me to study Mind-Body-Psychotherapy. This incredible field of study allowed me to open up to my latent psychic ability and to embrace it fully.


You can read more about me HERE.

Over the years I’ve honed my craft and helped thousands of people, nationally and internationally, to find peace and direction through life’s challenges, with psychic readings and intuitive counselling.

Are you feeling stuck and need some direction or guidance?

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“Whilst undergoing a period of much change in my life a friend of mine recommended the services of Kristina and her practice of reiki. I had limited knowledge of what the practice entailed, had no prior experience of it and thought I’d give it a go. My observations of receiving Kristina’s services was consistent over the time I was her client, in that after our sessions I would experience being of much better energy and having a much more favourable mind-set. The effect compounded over the period that I received her services. I felt that Kristina held a space, personally and created an environment whereby I felt totally at ease. During our sessions I would always feel incredibly relaxed and after our sessions felt both relaxed and much energised – which is an interesting cocktail! 

Needless to say - thank you Kristina. See you soon.”

—  Neil S, Perth Western Australia

“I have had both Reiki and readings with Kristina over the past few years and have always left feeling reassured and optimistic about life ahead. The Reiki has done wonders for clearing my energy and I feel so light and mentally clear and focussed after. She always gives me great tips and tricks to utilise between sessions and offers guidance where welcome .”

—  Danielle B, Perth Western Australia

“Kristina has been so amazing at giving me the clarity I sought, and I really enjoyed receiving Reiki from her. I left feeling relaxed and much more grounded! Thank you Kristina .”

—  Kate, Perth Western Australia

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My Vision for You

To work with my guides and yours to give an honest interpretation of the information I receive for you.

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To support you in every way I know to fulfil your dreams, hopes and aspirations. To empower you to be strong in adversity, resilient and always loving.

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Grace & Humility

I will share my knowledge and life experience with grace and humility, and allow you to be my teacher as well as me yours. 

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We all live differently, but we are much the same.

 Begin your personal journey today and

empower yourself for a lifetime. 

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A Portrait of Kristina Ritchie, Founder Of Perth Psychic
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Empower yourself to be strong in adversity, resilient, always loving.

Kristina combines all her gifts and offers them in the way of deep insightful Readings, Healing and Counselling



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