Starry Sky Representing FAQs

Perth Psychic FAQs & Fees

How do I book a session? Do you do phone readings? Can I take notes? What are your fees? Read on for all the details you need to help you decide when you may like to book Kristina's life-changing services.

How do I book a session with you?

Send me an email with the following details :
Your name and contact information
What type of service you require
A preferred date and time - this time cannot be guaranteed, but I do try to accommodate all my clients schedules

Alternatively, phone me to discuss your requirements.



Can I have one of your services in person, or do you only do phone readings?

For clients in the Perth metro area, I recommend visiting me in person, and for those outside this area I offer phone readings. However, if your schedule does not allow you to visit in person, or you do not have transport, please feel free to book a phone reading with me.

Is a phone reading as good as a reading in-person?

I am accurate with both face-to-face readings and phone readings. I am reading your energy, not your body language, so it is not necessary for us to be in the same physical space. Often phone readings can be easier as there are no visual distractions and I am completely focussed on your energy.



Can I take notes and bring along photos and personal items to the reading?

Yes please feel free to bring personal items you feel may assist with the reading, and photos on your mobile are also acceptable. And please feel free to take notes during the reading.



What are your rates and how do I pay you?

When you are ready to make a booking, please phone Kristina to discuss payment arrangments. 



$100 for 45 minutes

$120 for 60 minutes


$130 for 1 hour


$300 Block of 3  

Psychic Counselling

$120 for 1 hour

$150 for 1.5 hours