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Best Tarot Card Reader Perth, WA

My Vision for You

To work with my guides and yours to give an honest interpretation of the information I receive for you.

Best Tarot Card Reader Perth, WA

Safe Space

To support you in every way I know to fulfil your dreams, hopes and aspirations. To empower you to be strong in adversity, resilient and always loving.

Best Tarot Card Reader Perth, WA

Grace & Humility

I will share my knowledge and life experience with grace and humility, and allow you to be my teacher as well as me yours. 

Best Tarot Card Reader Perth, WA

I have been fortunate to have had a strong connection to the Spirit World all my life. My childhood was spent living on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. With the beautiful surrounds of bushland, ocean beaches and harbour pools, there were always plenty of places to explore.


Tuning into my guides and my natural surroundings every day I always felt there was someone around me listening to my inner most thoughts. It gave me a feeling of connection and a strong grounding and was the most natural way to spend my days. This was the beginning of my journey towards my Spiritual Path.

In the 70's I moved to Perth to be with my extended family. 


I studied to be a Naturopath at Nature Care in Sydney, opening my own practice as a Massage Therapist in Neutral Bay. Soon after that I opened the Cremorne Naturopathic Centre. I also attended many workshops on Personal Development and Spirituality and Yoga became part of my daily ritual. It was in this year that I began to do readings for friends.

Early in 1990 after having my own practice for 5 years I moved with my then partner and our small family back to Perth. I spent time with my 2 girls during their early years and returned to work in 1998 seeing clients at my clinic in Mosman Park.

More studies followed as I searched for truth and in the year 2000 I began to study Mind/Body Psychotherapy, a course deeply connected with Healing incorporating the Mind, the Body and Spirituality. I has experienced many years of deep healing and personal development and I continue to do so. As part of my own healing I have experienced the "darkest hour". You have to go through this as part of your Training to be a Healer and Light Worker. This allows be you to fully present so you may support others in what they are going through.

In 2004 I began to realise my new career path. I had up until then always used my intuition and healing abilities to do readings for myself and friends. I was offered work at the Every Women’s Expo to do readings and loved it and was surprised at how busy I became.

It was then that I began to take my gifts more seriously. I have had my own stall at the Conscious Living Fair for many years and still attend the Every Women’s Expo every year in Perth.

In closing I would like to share with you a recent insight about my birth father who passed away when I was very young. He was and still is connected with me from the other side and he is "the one" I sensed around me when I was young. He is one of my strongest guides as well as my beautiful English Grandmother Kathleen who arrived in Australia in the 1940's. Thankyou, I am forever grateful.

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We all live differently, but we are much the same

 - begin your personal journey today and

empower yourself for a lifetime 

Tarot Readings, Psychic Readings Perth



Any time of year is a great time to give and to receive. Treat someone special to SOMETHING SPECIAL with a Unique Gift Voucher. Give the gift of a Psychic Reading, Tarot Reading, Reiki Healing, Spiritual Counselling, or Life Coaching.

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Empower yourself to be strong in adversity, resilient, always loving




$100 for 45 minutes

$120 for 60 minutes


$120 for 1 hour


$270 Block of 3  

Psychic Counselling

$120 for 1 hour

$150 for 1.5 hours

Life Coaching

$360 for 4 sessions, paid prior to first appointment

Kristina combines all her gifts and offers them in the way of deep insightful Readings, Healing, Counselling and Life Coaching. 


Tarot Readings, Psychic Readings Perth


Whilst undergoing a period of much change in my life a friend of mine recommended the services of Kristina and her practice of reiki. I had limited knowledge of what the practice entailed, had no prior experience of it and thought I’d give it a go. My observations of receiving Kristina’s services was consistent over the time I was her client, in that after our sessions I would experience being of much better energy and having a much more favourable mind-set. The effect compounded over the period that I received her services. I felt that Kristina held a space, personally and created an environment whereby I felt totally at ease. During our sessions I would always feel incredibly relaxed and after our sessions felt both relaxed and much energised – which is an interesting cocktail! 

Needless to say - thank you Kristina. See you soon.”

—  Neil S, Perth Western Australia


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