A Portrait of Kristina Ritchie, Founder Of Perth Psychic

Meet Kristina

Welcome! It’s lovely to meet you.

I’m Kristina, founder of Perth Psychic.

My passion is helping you to find greater joy, harmony and contentment through the power of intuitive counselling and psychic readings. I’ve helped thousands of people over the years to find truth, happiness and wholeness.


I spent my childhood living on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. With the beautiful surrounds of bushland, ocean beaches and harbour pools, there were always plenty of places to explore.


It was completely natural for me to tune into my guides and my natural surroundings every day.


I always felt there was someone around me listening to my innermost thoughts. It gave me a feeling of connection and a strong grounding, and was the most natural way to spend my days. This was the beginning of my journey towards my spiritual path as a healer.

I studied to be a Naturopath at Nature Care in Sydney, eventually opening my own practice as a Massage Therapist in Neutral Bay. Soon after that I opened the Cremorne Naturopathic Centre. Personal Development, spirituality and yoga became part of my daily ritual. It was in this year that I began to do psychic readings for friends.


My marriage breakup was my ‘darkest hour’ and the push I needed to find my truth.


I decided to pursue my passion for the field of Mind-Body Psychotherapy. This study gave me the tools and strategies to do my own personal deep healing and personal development, which I continue to use even to this day. My struggles and my healing journey cultivated in me the ability to be fully present with my clients, so I can support you in whatever you’re going through.

In 2004 I began to realise my new career path. I had up until then always used my intuition and healing abilities to do readings for myself and friends. I was offered work at the Every Women’s Expo to do readings and I was surprised at how many people were interested in my services. It was then that I began to take my psychic gifts more seriously. I have had my own stall at the Conscious Living Fair for many years and still attend the Perth Every Women’s Expo every year.

Recently I had a profound insight that taught me that my birth father, who passed away when I was very young, was and still is connected with me from the other side. He is ‘the one’ I sensed around me when I was young. He is one of my strongest guides as well as my beautiful English Grandmother Kathleen who arrived in Australia in the 1940's. To them, I am forever grateful.


It is my heartfelt desire to help you reconnect to yourself and your own intuitive nature so that you can live a life of greater and deeper joy, harmony and contentment.

If you’re feeling stuck or need guidance or direction, let’s chat.